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Engage your subscribers and build relationships, promote your goods, make sales and improve your metrics with easy to use email marketing services. Email Marketing Services deliver powerful, user-friendly and affordable tools to create, send and track high-performance email and newsletter campaigns.

Email Marketing Services blend social media and email campaigns to give you an integrated email marketing services solution. Post your latest emails to your Facebook wall or link to them on Twitter.

Poll subscribers on products, service and more. Find out what you're doing right or wrong. Personalize email and Web polls through various email marketing services options available. Use colors, fonts and logos. Create new questions, utilize Survey Templates and answer options.

Email Marketing Services allow you to easily create and oversee a professional email marketing campaign that will alter your marketing and advertising strategy forever. As the world moves online, you need to do the same. Times have changed, and direct mailers are an advertising gimmick of the past. The best email marketing services will help you create an email campaign that will reach more people and yield a higher return on investment. Email marketing services offer a streamlined user dashboard where you can monitor the status of each email in real time with the help of email marketing services. Within minutes of sending your email campaign, you can see who has opened the email, forwarded the email and accessed the links within the email. You will no longer receive hundreds of "return to sender" mailers, as your campaign mailing list will automatically delete unsubscribed customers and bounced emails.

Email Marketing Services lend itself to social media integration, which is a powerful and effective addition to any email campaign. Through email marketing services now, you are able to reach new audiences, gain brand loyalty and offer exclusive discounts and deals that only a few subscribed could access. Before, you may have had an email campaign and a social media campaign, both working separately to gain customers. Email marketing services helps you combine the two campaign strategies and will prove highly successful and allow you to reach an entirely new audience and help you increase sales. Within the email you are sending to your contact list via email marketing services, you have the ability to place Like and Tweet buttons, as well as a share tool bar so that your customers can automatically share your newsletter or deal information with their family and friends. You can also create and send out surveys in your emails to get valuable customer feedback through latest email marketing services. Email Marketing Services helps in growth of your business effectively and fast.

What to look for in selecting Email Marketing Services:

  • Feature Set
    Paper, ink, labels, postage. The hassle of direct mailers will quickly fade into the recesses of your memory as soon as you begin to use an email marketing services. You should look for email marketing services that offer the professional features you will need to create a customer survey, newsletter and various other event emails. With a direct mailer, you can physically hold the copy in your hand before you send it out to your customers. But if there is a mistake, it's back to the printers. Email marketing services have a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. You are able to preview all marketing email campaigns before you send them out and quickly adjust any text, images or links. Many email marketing services include a wizard to walk you through the creation of your email, newsletter or survey. Some email marketing services also link to popular social networking sites to maximize the reach of your email marketing campaign. Most of the email marketing services help in testing the effectiveness of the message's wording and images to ensure that it won't be categorized as spam by the email providers.

  • Ease of Use
    It’s important that you choose email marketing services that are easy to use. Whether or not you know the ins and outs of email marketing services or campaigns, HTML coding, or how to use monitoring reports and statistics, the email marketing services you choose should provide the tools and explanations necessary to help you easily create an effective campaign.

  • Help & Support
    Top-notch email marketing services provide help options to get you started, including a user manual, a wizard to walk you through the creation and monitoring of your email marketing services or campaign, FAQs, a blog, tutorials and articles that explain how to create effective campaigns. Support should include the ability to contact the company by email, phone or live chat.
        Email marketing services are an excellent way to professionally communicate your business to email subscribers and customers.
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